10 MPA Cement Bricks are produced through a manufacturing process where the cement & klinker (stone substitute), along with extenders (products that react with the cement) are pressed together using a hydraulic system. Our cement bricks are unique in that they dry in a horizontal position, therefore our tapering and watermark on close observation clearly runs vertically. The klinker material is manufactured on-site and runs trough a stringent process of screening and cleansing. Our products listed below carry the SABS mark. 

10 MPA Cement Bricks are suitable for single or double storey building applications and are designed for load-bearing applications, typically for a building area that carries a slab. 10 MPA Cement Bricks require 55 bricks for a single wall and a double-leaf wall you need to double-up to 110 bricks per m².

Brick Size: 220mm x 100mm x 70mm

Average Weight: Approx. 2.5kg