AfriSam High Strength Cement is a specially developed composite cement for use in brick and block making, reservoirs, precast operations, structural concrete, shotcrete and mining operations. The strength development of this cement is more than sufficient to allow normal progress of building operations. Features, applications and benefits:

Versatility: Whether on its own or extended with selected mineral components or used with plasticisers, HSC can be used by concrete product manufacturers for readymixed or site-batched concrete to produce a wide range of cost-effective solutions in terms of workability, strength and durability. Applications include flowable or self-compacting concrete and pumped concrete slabs on the ground.

High early-age strength: The typical high early strength of HSC offers outstanding benefits in terms of time-saving and meeting production deadlines. Applications include post-tensioned and prestressed members, early stripping of formwork in fast-track construction and concreting in cold weather.

Workability and durability: The mineral components used in HSC improve the durability of concrete in aggressive environments such as sewage treatment works and concrete structures in marine environments.