This is one of our most popular products and is a result of years of research from our labs to bring you a specially blended high quality cement that is suitable for many applications.

As a 42.5N, AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement with C-Tech gives you 15% more concrete per bag and is the best performer for concrete, mortar and plaster applications.

    Features & Benefits:

    • This cement is of high quality and is engineered for general building and masonry use.
    • It produces durable concrete, mortar and plaster that will remain strong and stable for a long time.
    • It is popular with builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.


    • The AfriSam All Purpose cement is suitable for any application where high early strength is not of utmost importance.
    • It is ideal for many applications because of its consistent strength, workability and durability.
    • It can be used in all your structural, building and masonry applications.
    • Brick and block making.